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Tapestry - Sharing Knowledge to Bring Change

Tapestry is an educational umbrella organization created to expand the base and reach of vegan/anymal advocacy, all with an eye to broader justice and deeper compassion.

Tapestry offers mentoring and courses for scholars and activists. For information, please contact the founder: Dr. Lisa Kemmerer

Tapestry is Vegan
Tapestry rejects the consumption of dairy, eggs, and flesh (including the flesh of sea life) for five critical reasons highlighted by the acronym AMORE—the Italian word for love:

A - Anymals

Eating anymal products when there are other options is exploitative and cruel, causing tremendous suffering and trillions of premature deaths.

M – Medical

The consumption of anymal products is implicated in major medical problems such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, a number of cancers, and obesity, which lead to premature deaths, drive up medical costs, and leave loved ones bereaved.

O – Oppression and Humanity

Laborers in anymal agriculture facilities work in dangerous, miserable conditions (especially slaughterhouses, dealing death all day long) and receive poor pay, inadequate medical coverage, and are generally powerless to assert or protect their most basic human rights. Anymal industries also contribute to world hunger by stripping seas and feeding massive quantities of grain to farmed anymals. Finally, anymal exploitation stems from and furthers a vision of female biology as exploitable for profit.

R – Religion

No religion teaches that it is morally acceptable to make choices that cause massive suffering and trillions of premature deaths, despoil the earth, exploit laborers, and/or damage and destroy human health.

E – Environment

Anymal products are the number one cause of every major environmental problem (including climate change, deforestation, soil degradation, freshwater reduction, and dead zones), all of which disproportionately affect poor and marginalized populations.

Dr. Lisa Kemmerer

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